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Technical Analysis Tips And Tricks | ForexGen

ForexGen studies past price and volume changes in order to build up simulations on future price movements. ForexGen's analysts mainly make use of charts and financial formulas to gather enough information used in technical price speculations.

Technical analysis tips and tricks from famous traders and hedge fund managers

There are a lot of interviews with the best traders available and some have even written biographies of their trading and philosophy. Here are some of their insights.

Paul Rabar is one of the legendary turtle traders educated by Richard Dennis. Rabar has revealed to his clients that he uses a risk management system that limits exposure in each trade, each market, each sector, and each account.

He also uses risk limitation by using extensive diversification of markets traded.

Another turtle trader, Michael Carr, has stated that if you have a good trading program, the number one priority should be longevity, staying in the trading game.

This means one should stick with the system, to be there to participate and benefit when the really outstanding market opportunities come along.

For Carr, that translates into developing exceptionally good money management system that limit the severity of drawdowns, making comebacks easier.

John W Henry, the owner of Boston Redsox and a legendary trader, believes in approaching trading in a mechanical and systematic way.

Many of his ideas in this regard come from W.D. Gann, who believed that man was mechanical and that if man was mechanical, markets should be predictable because of that underpinning.

John W Henry also believes in long term trend following as a method for making money on the financial markets, meaning that the trader is trying to stay with a particular trade for months or years instead of days and weeks.

One of his main pillars of though is that if you and your system can handle volatility, which some people can’t, you make more money.

Another tip can be derived from the trading style of Louis Bacon Moore, one of the best hedge fund managers in the world. According to those that knows his trading style, say that he puts an extreme importance on risk management, which has lead to very low variation and predictability on the funds returns.

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Trading Technical Analysis Information | ForexGen

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Technical and cycle analysis is a way to try to predict trends in the financial markets, by identifying cycles that repeat themselves.

Technical analysts believe that these market cycles exist, and there are two primary reasons given as to why the cycles form:

1) Fundamentals: cycles reflect lags that affect shifts in supply and demand.

In basic manufacturing terms, when prices rise, it pays for the manufacturer to increase production.

However, as there is a lag (new plants need to be build etc) to increase supply, the increased supply will hit the market at the same time, which leads to a fall in price, leading to cycles in the marketplace.

2) Psychological: cycles reflect the psychological response of traders to price swings.

The market move in one direction for a period of time. The longer the trend, the more anxious traders become to cash their positions and positioning their trades for a movement in the opposite direction.

Many traders are willing to cash their positions on the first sign of weakness on the trend, increasing the movement in the opposite direction, which leads to cycles.

One of the first ones to use cycles based technical analysis to make money was the famous Rothschild family in Europe, which used cycle analysis on the British interest rates. Their system included three cycles, including a 40 month cycle.

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Fibonacci Technical Analysis | ForexGen

ForexGen studies past price and volume changes in order to build up simulations on future price movements. ForexGen's analysts mainly make use of charts and financial formulas to gather enough information used in technical price speculations.

Fibonacci technical analysis is based on the fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio, which exhibits itself in the nature and seemingly, in trading charts.

There are many ways in which fibonacci numbers are used in technical analysis.

For example, many who use the fibonacci levels calculate them through drawing of a trendline between two extreme points (top/bottom) of a price movement and then dividing the vertical distance by Fibonacci ratios of:

- 23.6%,
- 38.2%,
- 50%,
- 61.8% and
- 100%.

These levels provide levels of either resistance or support, depending where the current price is in relation to the fibonacci level.

If, in a bearish trend, the price is dropping towards a fibonacci level, the fibonacci level acts as a resistance and any fibonacci level above the current price acts as a support level.

On the other hand, in a bullish trend, if the price is rising towards a fibonacci level, the fibonacci level acts as a resistance level to the price movement and any fibonacci level below the current price acts as a support.

In trading, those technical analysts who use chart reading based systems often focus on levels such as those from fibonacci, and see how a test of the level goes before making further decisions on how to invest.

A fibonacci resistance, for example, often provides a chart pattern of a 'double top', which to those using chart reading technical analysis may refer to a trend reversing pattern.

The fibonacci levels are calculated from historical price trends. It is up to the trader to decide which historical trends to use for the fibonacci levels.

Most traders recommend that you are consistent with the use of data on drawing the levels, meaning that you stay consistent on your usage of daily, weekly, or monthly, or intraday data, as an example.

One can also use the ongoing price movement as the basis for drawing the levels, where the two extremes are the bottom of the trend and the most recent top.

Some have dismissed anecdotal evidence of how price movements often seem to stop at fibonacci resistance and support levels as evidence of self-fulfilling prophecy, as the fibonacci method is one of the most popular ones available, and one of the easiest to use.

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Fibonacci Retracements | ForexGen

ForexGen studies past price and volume changes in order to build up simulations on future price movements. ForexGen's analysts mainly make use of charts and financial formulas to gather enough information used in technical price speculations.

Fibonacci retracements technical analysis refers to a move where an asset retraces portion of an original move and finds support/resistance from a fibonacci level, continuing to original direction of the move.

The fibonacci levels that are used in finding fibonacci retracements are found through drawing of a trendline between two extreme points and then dividing the vertical distance by Fibonacci ratios of

- 23.6%,
- 38.2%,
- 50%,
- 61.8% and
- 100%.

The indicators for Fibonacci retracement levels are very popular for both long term and short term day traders.

With the retracement levels, you can potentially find levels of entry or exit points to trades and additional lots on a pyramid system, target prices, or stop losses.

The Fibonacci retracements are often used together with other indicators, and some fundamental analysis based traders use these levels to determine either to buy on dips or sell on rallies, depending on the direction of the move.

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ForexGen Another Style Of Trading

How to Take Control in Forex Trading

ForexGen strives to give incomparable professional and individualized trading services.
As a professional online trading service, ForexGen provides several facilities for all kinds of traders.

Forex Trading is not that easy, all FX traders before they enter this business, they think that they will be rich very quickly and make $20 000 in one or two weeks, but when they begin trading currencies they discover it is not true, it is not easy to make money especially when we work with money. Very tricky business, many of us think that there is a conspiracy planned by "THE BIG GUYS", they know what we think what we plan to do and they do the opposite to steel our money, many times we think to make the opposite of our decision (if I see the market is going up then I will sell). And we begin searching for someone to help us making at least 200 or 300 pips a month, probably many of us work with signals advisors who simply took our money and probably do not help us making decent profit. Many of us thought stop trading many of us quit FX trading but I think most of us will not quit easily because we see in it a golden opportunity to have our own business and make our fortune!

Foreign exchange is an opportunity to make a fortune and in same time it is an opportunity to loose our money, we can make a fortune if we knew how to handle Forex, if we don't know how to control Forex it will destroy us, so we must be stronger than it, and if we don't know how to control it with our own hands it will destroy us too. So how I can be stronger than this ferocious beast? It is simply by learning, observing, and practicing. The FX market will not go anywhere it will be trending and ranging for ever, so learn from experienced traders how they became that good, observe charts and look for common points look for the reason why the price change direction, and when you discover the reason which influence a currency you will have in your hand the first tool that gives you control. And each new thing you discover, try it on a demo account, see if it is valid and develop it. In this Forex article I am helping you to find your way, this Forex article does not give you the fish but it teaches you fishing. There is no conspiracy theory in this business, no big or small guys, we loose because we don't know, and the first thing we must do to become good traders is to admit that we don't know and we must always learn.

Some clues to learn

First of all you must know that you must use fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction, both complete each others, so don't rely on one and leave the other. Fundamental is one of the reasons which influence the market, so if you are in a long trade and suddenly the trading currency went down so go and see if a report was released and see what its forecast and what was the released data and compare this data to your chart and you will have your first tool to control your business.

Second, in my opinion all the technical indicators didn't help me at all, I tried all the combination nothing work, and indicators describe the status of the market but don't give you information about the next direction. I read a Forex article about a guy who describes his Forex Trading strategy in a Forex article, I was completely lost, he uses a combination of 12 indicators EMA340, SEMA890, EMA2900 etc: and he inserted FIBONACCI in it. I was totally lost. Even if his strategy worth 95% success I will not use it because I can control the market by using simpler techniques. So we don't need to seek indicators, only one indicator I use the Bollinger Bands which is the perfect weapon in my battle against Forex trading. So I want you to look at the Bollinger Bands and see how it affects a currency, focus on it and read well this Forex article and you will discover a lot of things, and you will have your second tool.

Third, suppose you are in a long trade and suddenly for no reason the Forex Trading price went down, there are no released reports it just turned down, this is weird. But weird things are those we don't understand, but if you observe your chart and go back several hours or days and drop a break line from higher swing points you will see that the price turns down because it reached that break line, you see there is no mystery. So this break line will be your Resistance and if price breaks it, it will continue going up, but going where and till when? Observe very carefully and you will learn as I did. And no need for midnight or afternoon candles, be simple as you can, that beast is not as ferocious as you think. So breakout is your third tool.

Fourth, what time frame to use, it is up to you to choose the suitable time frame, H1, H4, D1: I don't know, compare the charts and you will see the suitable time frame. Time frame is important and when you find it you will have your Fourth tool.

And that's it, I repeat observe your charts and focus and think in these clues in this Forex article and the more you think the more you discover, read Forex article, learn strategies and get foreign exchange books. And moreover, you can join ForexGen academy and learn more about Forex trading and making profits.

Online Forex Services | ForexGen

ForexGen strives to give incomparable professional and individualized trading services.
As a professional online trading service, ForexGen provides several facilities for all kinds of traders. Our trading service performance is based on respect and appreciation which is only achieved by offering intelligent trading tools for secure online trading.

Are These Simple Trading Mistakes Costing You Money In The Forex Market

The 2% rule is a powerful tool in Forex trading. By adopting this rule you`re using a strategy that decreases the size of your losses during losing streaks, an important consideration. There is, however one small caveat that you need to be aware of when using the 2% rule to calculate how many Forex shares you are going to buy. As you know, the number of shares you can purchase is determined by your maximum loss and the size of your stop. This means that by increasing your risk, you can also increase the dollar value of the position you open. By simply shrinking your stop size, that is by setting a tighter stop loss, you can increase the dollar value of the position you open.

To avoid a situation where you could end up with excessively large positions that may put your Forex trading float at risk, you can choose to introduce an extra rule. This rule would limit the dollar value of a position to be no more than a set percentage of your entire Forex trading float.

For example, you might decide that you`ll never open a position that has a dollar value of more than 25% of your entire Forex trading float. This rule would only be executed if, after calculating the formula that determines how many shares you buy, you find the dollar value of that position would greater than 25% of your float. If this happened, you would scale down the position to make sure it did not exceed that 25%.

The percentage that you decide upon will depend on the type of system you`re trading, the size of your float, and your personal tolerance for risk. Generally, smaller Forex trading floats might use 25%, and larger Forex trading floats might use as little as 10% or even 5%. There are no definitive numbers, and the percentage that you choose will depend on your personal circumstances.

Once this tendency is corrected for you will have all your money management rules in place, ready to control your risk in the Forex market. Now you need to take the next step. Test your system to find out which of the variables best suit you, remembering always that position sizing is the most significant part of any system design. It is the linchpin of money management. Once you`ve tested your system, and fine-tuned your rules, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful Forex trader.

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Winning in trading depends on using the right strategy and controlling all the moves.
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Create Massive Wealth With ForexGen

Forex Day Trading: How To Create Massive Wealth From Forex Day Trading

ForexGen introduces to all its users a free online academy that would aid them in either learning more about Forex market or in developing their strategies. It is a free academy available online; you can register and enjoy ForexGen services.

Until now, you may have never known how easy it is to make fast money from forex day trading, because nobody has ever given you the correct information, as I will in this article.

Most people from middle class make their money from investments in real estate, stock trading, bond trading, mutual funds, CDs, auction programs and various internet programs and other small businesses.

They may have never heard about day forex trading, which is where multi-millionaires and billionaires make their money.

Forex day trading is the most profitable and attractive investment opportunity because you can do it from home or office and from any country in the world.

In forex day trading, you don't need to do any marketing or selling or internet promotion to succeed.

In forex day trading, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to do any internet promotion.

In forex day trading, you don't need any stocks or warehousing.

In forex day trading , all that you've to do is open an account with one of the brokers with as little as $300 or $2000.

Then follow simple instructions to buy and sell the currencies.

When the price of the currency is low, you buy.

In a few seconds or minutes, the price will go up, and you sell it and make a profit.

By so doing , in a day, you can easily make $500-$1000 by just buying, selling and trading these foreign currencies for about 3 or 4 hrs!

The more money you put in your forex day trading account, the more money you can make.

You can use $1 to control $200 investment in foreign currencies.
$200 to control $50,000 investment.
And $1000 to control $200,000 cash.

By registering on ForexGen, you create your ForexGen profile and you can go ahead and open as many Demo accounts, and live accounts as you need. All accounts can be created online and managed under your ForexGen profile. You can mix between Mini, Standard, Pro, Premium and No Dealing Desk accounts in one.

Getting a Forex Trading Education With ForexGen

ForexGen introduces to all its users a free online academy that would aid them in either learning more about Forex market or in developing their strategies. It is a free academy available online; you can register and enjoy ForexGen services.

Many Americans are interested in getting involved in forex trading. Before doing this, you should get a forex trading education. You should never get into forex trading without forex trading education. With the proper forex trading education, you can be on your way to making a tidy profit.

First you need to understand what forex trading is. Forex is short for foreign exchange. Forex trading is the simultaneous exchange of one countries currency for another countries currency. By doing so at the right times, you can gain a profit. A forex trading education can teach you how to do this.

The first part of a forex trading education is to learn the market background. The foreign exchange market is always changing. With forex trading education, you will learn how to monitor these changes to be beneficial for you.

The next part of your forex trading education is to learn about risk control and risk management. You learn to control yourself and not over invest at the thrill of the chance of making money. You will also learn how to cut your losses (how to exit losing trades before your losses exceed your limits). You will always lose money when you first begin forex trading. This part of your forex trading education is absolutely crucial to whether you will make it big or end up in a hole.

Another important part of your forex trading education is to learn how to open and manage your forex trading account. Your forex trading education should first have you practice with a demo account. This way you learn the ropes by practicing forex trades with play money. There is no risk involved, but it is just as realistic as the real thing. Your forex trading education should also let you know when you are ready for the real thing. You should then, and only then, open up a live forex trading account.

Active traders who wish to enjoy the Forex trading advantages can work with the ForexGen account. ForexGen provides leverage up to 500:1 and 100,000 - 10,000 Trade Sizes. Open an account with as little as $250. ForexGen offer swap-free accounts. Swaps will not be applied to ForexGen accounts. ForexGen will not charge a fee of per traded lot round turn.

There are many ways to get a forex trading education. The best place to get a forex trading education is online. There are many free websites available that let you open free demo accounts to practice your forex trading. There are also free seminars that are available at random times. The best thing to do is to get some advice from someone who is a current forex trader. They can give you some down to earth insight on the subject of forex trading.


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Why Trade Forex with ForexGen

As you probably know, choosing an online broker is the first challenge you are faced with when considering trading forex online. Well, you've come to the right place! With ForexGen, you can rest assured; you are in the best of hands! There are many reasons why trade forex with ForexGen. One of them is that we are always ahead of the competition by constantly adding new products and upgrading our online trading platform for better performance and ease of use. Very few forex brokers offer the level of reliability and professionalism that characterize ForexGen. In fact, no other forex broker will attend to you like we do. It is important for us that you feel comfortable trading forex and other financial products on our system and that you feel you can trust us: that's why our business practices are based on values such as excellence, reliability and proficiency. Those ForexGen Values are at the core of our company's identity.

When you start trading with ForexGen, you won't want to trade anywhere else. And this is because we offer products and service of the highest quality in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Benefits of Forex Trading with ForexGen

Forex offers great investment opportunities for those wishing to diversify their portfolio. Forex benefits and advantages are many. Here are some of the main reasons why more and more corporate and individual investors choose to trade forex:

  • No Commissions, Small Transaction Costs: This is probably one of the most attractive forex benefits. Indeed, when you trade forex, you are not charged any fees or commissions on your deals. The way it works is that brokerage firms get paid through spreads (the difference between the bid and the ask price). This allows for extremely low transaction costs. Thanks to its large number of clients and to the large volume and capital traded through the platform, ForexGen offers very competitive spreads on the main currency pairs.
  • Leverage Trading: High Returns with Relatively Small Deposits. this means that even if traders deposit a small amount of money, they can actually trade with a much bigger contract value. ForexGen offers a 200 to 1 leverage. If you make a $100 margin deposit, you can actually trade $20,000 worth of currencies. With a $1,000 margin deposit, you can buy or sell $200,000 worth of currencies. However, you must keep in mind that if leverage allows for substantial profits, it also can lead to equally significant loss. One of the chief forex benefits can thus become a major liability. That's why you need to figure out your own risk management policy before you start trading.
  • High Liquidity: This refers to the forex market's ability to quickly convert or liquidate deals through buying or selling and without causing a significant price movement. The high liquidity of the forex market is mainly due to the large volume of currencies traded around the world. That way, currencies are exchanged instantaneously, 24 hours a day and with minimum loss value, since the next trade is usually executed at the same price as the last one. In the forex market, there are always plenty of ready and willing buyers and sellers.
  • Open 24 hours a day: The forex market is open 'round the clock, 5 days a week, from Sunday 5 pm EST to Friday afternoon 4 pm EST. This is due to the fact that there is an overlap of different time zones and that there is no physical central exchange that opens and closes at a particular time. Forex works through a global electronic network of corporations, banks and individuals. When you hear that a certain rate closed at particular price, this refers to the price at market close in London or elsewhere. However, unlike securities, currencies are still traded somewhere else in the world. The global scope of currency trading, as well as the high demand for currency, implies that there are always investors somewhere who are willing to buy or sell currencies. This also allows traders to trade on a part-time basis, meaning that they can choose to trade whenever they want.

24hrOnline Forex Trading With ForexGen

With a volume of $3 trillion traded each day, the foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. While Forex trading was once the exclusive domain of banks and large financial institutions, the rise of Internet technology has made it accessible to all types of investors including individuals with small investment capital. As word of its substantial and quick potential profits is spreading, online forex trading is becoming more popular each day.

Through online currency brokers such as ForexGen, traders can now buy and sell currencies in one mouse click and with no commissions or fees. Online forex trading allows you to take advantage of market fluctuations – even small – in various currency rates. At ForexGen, you get free access to topnotch tools which will help you predict market direction and place your orders.

Lowest Spread with ForexGen

If we take no commissions or fees, then how are we compensated for our brokerage services, might you ask? The answer is: the spread. As you may have noticed, a currency pair quote comes with two displayed rates for instance, GBP/USD 2.025/2.028. Those refer respectively to the bid price (the rate at which you may short sell the pair) and the ask price (the rate at which you may buy the pair). The spread is the difference between those two rates. The tighter the spread, the more advantageous it is for you. ForexGen offers spreads as low as 1 pip on the main currency pairs. ForexGen is able to offer such tight spreads thanks to the huge capital traded by its clients each day and the excellent inter-bank conditions thus negotiated.

ForexGen Introduces Forex Market

The Foreign Exchange Market – better known as FOREX - is a world wide market for buying and selling currencies. It handles a huge volume of transactions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Daily exchanges are worth approximately $1.5 trillion (US dollars).

In comparison, the United States Treasury Bond market averages $300 billion a day and American stock markets exchange about $100 billion a day.

The Foreign Exchange Market was established in 1971 with the abolishment of fixed currency exchanges. Currencies became valued at 'floating' rates determined by supply and demand. The FOREX grew steadily throughout the 1970's, but with the technological advances of the 80's FOREX grew from trading levels of $70 billion a day to the current level of $1.5 trillion.

The FOREX is made up of about 5000 trading institutions such as international banks, central government banks (such as the US Federal Reserve), and commercial companies and brokers for all types of foreign currency exchange. There is no centralized location of FOREX – major trading centers are located in New York, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and Frankfurt, and all trading is by telephone or over the Internet. Businesses use the market to buy and sell products in other countries, but most of the activity on the FOREX is from currency traders who use it to generate profits from small movements in the market.

Even though there are many huge players in FOREX, it is accessible to the small investor thanks to recent changes in the regulations. Previously, there was a minimum transaction size and traders were required to meet strict financial requirements. With the advent of Internet trading, regulations have been changed to allow large interbank units to be broken down into smaller lots. Each lot is worth about $100,000 and is accessible to the individual investor through 'leverage' – loans extended for trading. Typically, lots can be controlled with a leverage of 100:1 meaning that US$1,000 will allow you to control a $100,000 currency exchange.

There are many advantages to trading in FOREX.

  • Liquidity - Because of the size of the Foreign Exchange Market, investments are extremely liquid. International banks are continuously providing bid and ask offers and the high number of transactions each day means there is always a buyer or a seller for any currency.
  • Accessibility – The market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The market opens Monday morning Australian time and closes Friday afternoon New York time. Trades can be done on the Internet from your home or office.
  • Open Market – Currency fluctuations are usually caused by changes in national economies. News about these changes is accessible to everyone at the same time – there can be no 'insider trading' in FOREX.
  • No commission – Brokers earn money by setting a 'spread' – the difference between what a currency can be bought at and what it can be sold at.

How does it work?

Currencies are always traded in pairs – the US dollar against the Japanese yen, or the English pound against the euro. Every transaction involves selling one currency and buying another, so if an investor believes the euro will gain against the dollar, he will sell dollars and buy euros.

The potential for profit exists because there is always movement between currencies. Even small changes can result in substantial profits because of the large amount of money involved in each transaction. At the same time, it can be a relatively safe market for the individual investor. There are safeguards built in to protect both the broker and the investor and a number of software tools exist to minimize loss.

Trading on Margin with ForexGen

The key to FOREX popularity is margin. Without margin, the FOREX would be beyond the reach of the average investor. So, what exactly is margin and how does it work?

Margin accounts allow FOREX traders to control large amounts of currency with a relatively small deposit.

Establishing a margin account with a FOREX broker enables you to borrow money from the broker to control currency lots which are usually worth $100,000. The amount of borrowing power your margin account gives you is the leverage. Leverage is usually expressed as a ratio – a leverage of 100:1 means you can control assets worth 100 times your deposit.

What this means in FOREX is that with a 1% margin account you can control standard lots of $100,000 with a $1,000 deposit. Trading on margin increases both profits and losses, and the potential exists for the trader to lose more than his original deposit. With proper safeguards, however, loss can be limited, and usually brokers will terminate a transaction that extends beyond the margin deposit.


As we mentioned above, trading on margin gives you more buying power and the potential for more profits (and losses). How does this work, exactly? A 1% margin account allows you to control a currency lot of $100,000 for $1,000. When dealing with $100,000 small changes in the price of the currency can result in large profits or losses.

FOREX currencies are traded in much smaller units than cash. The American dollar, for example, is traded in units down to 4 decimal places. Instead of $1.32 FOREX quotes are seen as $1.3256. The smallest unit in FOREX currencies is called the pip, and when you have a $100,000 each pip of your total lot is worth $10 (when trading American dollars).

If the price of American dollars changes from 1.3256 to 1.3356, that's a difference of 100 pips which represents a profit or loss of $1000. Without margin, if you had $1000 of currency, the price change from 1.3256 to 1.3356 represents a difference of $10. Significant to the tourist, perhaps, but not the investor.

So the benefit of margin is increased profit potential.


As there is increased profit potential, there is also increased loss potential. If you are not careful, your entire margin account could quickly be wiped out. If your margin account is 1% and the currency moves just one cent against you, you lose $1000.

FOREX trading, however, has several methods to limit loss. Stop loss orders automatically close your position if the value of the currency crosses a pre-determined point. Stop loss orders allow you to limit your losses to a specified amount while still allowing potential profit taking.

An often overlooked risk is the possibility that your broker may close your position if your potential losses approach the balance of your margin account. You may be riding out a down trend with the expectations of a market reversal, but unless you replenish your margin account you may find your position has been closed. If this happens, you lose all of your margin.

For example:

You sell EUR/USD at 1.2144 (sell 100,000 euros and buy 121,440 US dollars) with the expectation that the euro will fall in price. You have a 1% margin account which means the required margin is $1,214.40. You have $1250 in your margin account, so to enter this position your margin account is left with $35.60.

You have not specified a stop loss order, and after you enter this position the euro suddenly rallies, gaining 0.0263 for a price of 1.2407. 100,000 euros are now worth US$124,070 and your 1% margin requirements have risen to $1,240.70. Depending on the policy of your broker, your position may be automatically closed or the extra funds in your margin account may be used to make up the difference. In any case, if the euro continues to gain value and you wish to ride it out (bad idea) you will have to add more funds to your margin account or risk losing everything.

Another example:

You buy USD/CHF at 1.2623 with the expectation that the US dollar will gain against the Swiss franc. You buy a standard lot of 100,000 American dollars for 126,230 Swiss francs with a margin requirement of 1% or $1,000.

As expected, the US dollar rises to 1.2683 at which point you close your position. You sell 100,000 American dollars for 126,830 Swiss francs for a profit of 600 francs or US$473.08 (600 francs divided by the exchange rate of 1.2683).

Forex Trade Sizes with ForexGen

FOREX currencies are traded in much smaller divisions than cash. Whereas the smallest division in US cash is the penny ($0.01), US currency can be traded on the FOREX in divisions of $0.0001. This smallest division is called the pip (short for Price Interest Point – sometimes just called 'points').

Since currencies are traded in large lots of (say) $100,000 - small movements in value can generate substantial profits and losses. In a lot of US$100,000 one pip is worth $10 so an increase in 40 pips (4/10 of one cent) can generate a profit or loss of $400.

Currencies are traded in lots of various sizes. The standard lot is 100,000 units of the base currency. A unit is the currency name e.g. one unit of US dollars is the dollar. So a standard lot of US currency is worth $100,000. FOREX trades can have lots of various sizes - a mini lot is 10,000 units, but the most trades are done using standard lots.

Various currencies have different sized pips. The US dollar is expressed in pips of 0.0001 while the Japanese yen is expressed in pips of 0.01. The value of a pip depends on the size of a lot and the currency pair traded. Currency pairs with USD as the quote (second) currency (e.g. CAD/USD) always have a pip value of $10 per standard lot or $1 per mini lot. A pip value calculator can be used to calculate other currencies.

Different Types of Forex Orders with ForexGen

A trader has at his disposal different types of orders to make FOREX trades. A clear understanding of each type of order is necessary to be a successful FOREX trader.

Market Order – is an order to buy or sell at the current market price. They can be used to enter or exit a trade.

Market orders should be used with care because in fast-moving markets there may be a difference between the price seen at the time a market order is given and the actual price of the transaction. This is due to slippage – the amount the market moves in the few seconds between giving an order and having it executed. Slippage could result in a loss or gain of several pips.

Limit Order – is an order to buy or sell at a certain limit. They can be used to buy currency below the market price or sell currency above the market price. When buying, your order is executed when the market falls to your limit order price. When selling, your order is executed when the market rises to your limit order price. There is no slippage with limit orders.

Stop Order – is an order to buy above the market or to sell below the market. They are most commonly used as stop-loss orders to limit losses if the market moves contrary to what the trader expected. A stop-loss order will sell the currency if the market falls below the point set by the trader.

One Cancels the Other (OCO) – this order is used when placing a limit order and a stop-loss order at the same time. If either order is executed the other is cancelled, allowing the trader to make a transaction without monitoring the market. If the market falls, the stop-loss order will be executed, but if the market rises to the level of the limit order, the currency will be sold at a profit.

  • Example OCO Transaction:

Buy: 1 standard lot EUR/USD @ 1.3228 = $132,280
Pip Value: 1 pip = $10
Stop-Loss: 1.3203
Limit: 1.3328

This is an order to buy US dollars at 1.3328 and to sell them if they fall to 1.3203 (resulting in a loss of 25 pips or $250) or to sell them if they rise to 1.3328 (resulting in a profit of 100 pips or $1,000).

  • Here's another example:

The current bid/ask price for US dollars and Canadian dollars is

USD/CDN 1.2152/57

...meaning you can buy $1 US for 1.2152 CDN or sell 1.2157 CDN for $1 US.

If you think that the US dollar (USD) is undervalued against the Canadian dollar (CDN) you would buy USD (simultaneously selling CDN) and wait for the US dollar to rise.

This is the transaction: Buy USD: 1 standard lot USD/CDN @ 1.2157 = $121,570 CDN
Pip Value: 1 pip = $10
Stop-Loss: 1.2147
Margin: $1,000 (1%)

You are buying US$100,000 and selling CDN$121,570. Your stop loss order will be executed if the dollar falls below 1.2147, in which case you will lose $100.

However, USD/CDN rises to 1.2192/87. You can now sell $1 US for 1.2192 CDN or sell 1.2187 CDN for $1 US.

Because you entered the transaction by buying US dollars (buying long), you must now sell US dollars and buy back CDN dollars to realize your profit.

You sell US$100,000 at the current USD/CDN rate of 1.2192, and receive 121,920 CDN for which you originally paid CDN$121,570. Your profit is $350 Canadian dollars or US$287.19 (350 divided by the current exchange rate of 1.2187).

IB Program with ForexGen

ForexGen IB programme is a great opportunity for both individuals and companies to receive commission for introducing their customers or contacts to ForexGen. In fact, any individual or organisation that has proper contacts can become a successful Introducing Broker. To give you an idea, we have provided below some examples of businesses and individuals that can establish a successful brokerage business:

  • Banks
  • Companies providing financial services and training
  • Insurance companies
  • Successful traders on FOREX, stock, futures markets
  • Trading rooms
  • Investment or trading clubs
  • Stock brokerage or trading companies
  • Money managers
  • Real estate firms
  • Companies with large clientele
  • Attorneys, accountants and other business professionals

Some IBs prefer to concentrate mainly on the sales and marketing aspects of financial business and leave actual market trading to customer's or a third party's discretion. Others offer added value services like market advisory/analysis services and assist their customers with their trading decisions.

Forex Signals with ForexGen

The first thing necessary for a successful trade on Forex market is making up-to-date decisions, which, of course, is almost impossible without the fresh authentic information available for the trader. The most useful way of retrieving it is ForexGen signal services, responsible for timely informing its subscribers on every important Forex market events, along with providing tips on current trade.

Such brief notifications on latest Forex market events are called signals. A signal usually carries a short text (of one or two lines), giving a maximally informative instruction on current condition of certain market elements. Often the signal’s body also contains a tip giving the trader an advice on what actions shall he carry on.

You can learn about proper use of signals in bounds of
training and education programs for Forex market professionals. The problem is, Internet allows many different signal services (including free services, which, as one could expect, are often far unauthentic or provide out-of-dated information). A trader has to be able to understand signal systems good to select a trustworthy one, which, at the same time, will not involve too high subscribe payment.

Signals may be retrieved by the respondent in many different ways: via a notification placed directly onto the special signal service provider website, via mass email delivery, via the notification delivered as an SMS message on subscriber’s mobile phone, or with the help of a special client software, displaying the notification right on Windows/Linux desktop of his PC workstation. Some of the signal systems also have the possibility of working in straight cooperation with
automated trading systems of Forex market, allowing the trader besides of making the decision on time, to bring it to life right away.

Forex Training with ForexGen

The profitable trade on foreign exchange market (Forex) requires good professional skills and experience. The trade itself, of course, gives some of both, but to get them without having to lose a considerable part of your assets, better decision will be to look for help and consultation from recognized professionals.

That’s what ForexGen educational programs are for, including practical seminars, which allow both beginner and experienced traders guided by well recognized specialists of this area to master the art of international currency trade Here you can learn the methods and techniques of working with the market; can get assistance in mastering extra materials and Forex signals in your trade, discover any of the proposed tools, even giving you the possibility of using them together in a reasonable way.

Beginner traders, confused with large amount and wide stream of the information, are being taught the skills of action planning, trade discipline and confidence, and the art of risk management.

Besides the studies taking place in real offices, there are home education programs, allowing saving the costs on commotion and living. Of course, the real physical studies have their own advantages: they involve the work with real data and materials. The physical education allows full or partial funding based on future income commissions. On real seminars, lot of attention is paid to discussions, free communication, trading experience, etc.

Education and training programs proposed for
Forex market traders vary in complexity and volume of the offered information, starting from basic (“lite”) courses to extended (“complete”) and advanced (“expert”) courses.

Forex Basics with ForexGen

To start getting income from foreign exchange market (Forex), you don’t need to have any financial experience. You just need to find your way in the multitude of possibilities offered for those looking for profit from national currencies rate variations. And ForexGen provides all beginners with an Academy of professional experts in forex. The point of classic Forex trade, meant to get a quick income, is simple (which hardly differs from other markets): you have to sell on higher price what you’ve bought on lower price.

But to get a grip on currency rates, you need more than simple mathematics. First thing, you have to learn all definitions: Besides the correct meaning of terms “currency” and “rate”, you need to know what “quotation” means, along with “currency pair” (which consists of base and counter currencies). You need to know what are “point”, “spread”, “trend”, “position” etc. Every action on Forex market is preceded by an analysis. Depending on its functions, the analysis can be fundamental (when the economic dynamics of a country are being studied thoroughly, along with prognoses on its changes), or technical (when we apply a mathematic approach to the graphs of currency rate fluctuations).

The trade on Forex market goes on twenty-four hours a day. Saturday and Sunday are traditionally considered days of rest. The same as for all the other markets, work on Forex market uses a certain set of strategies, methods and techniques. There are rules you have to try and follow, and there are things you shouldn’t do. Every market session (Asian, European and American) has its own law and established traditions, which you also have to learn about.

And finally, for the trade on Forex market you need to use certain tools (software, papers etc.) without handling which the theoretical knowledge will be useless.

For more detailed information can be found in

Forex Trading with ForexGen

FOREIGN EXCHANGE TRADING Forex (FOReign EXchange market) becomes one of the most attractive instruments for investment.

Forex boundless opportunities, such as absolute liquidity, round-the-clock operation, global scale, up-to-date
technologies have created a unique profession -Foreign Exchange Trader.

However, the art of making money using Forex trading, despite its simplicity, is not an easy matter.

Our resource gives You a chance to become not only forex professional, but achieve real SUCCESS.

Every day we offer You particular recommendations in real trade and analytical articles on FOREX basic currency pairs.

Includes live forex signals through SMS. Besides, a full version of our forecasts is at your disposal.

ForexGen publish daily surveys of analytical articles on the leading world. Moreover, we give specific recommendations on FOREX market for real trading.

The graph demonstrates the effectiveness of our recommendations. The deposit growth from the beginning of our analytical work up to now is shown there. The deposit growth is taken considering opening of 1 lot for every currency pair and 1 point costs $10.

On Line ForexGen

Some brokers are exceedingly distinguished people to their clients, but there are those that are not. ForexGen may work for insurance companies, real state, and even companies which supply trading systems. They are influential people which many individuals can rely on whenever they would need help of some sort. But a broker system differs.

ForexGen system has a principal function of supplying clients with trading platforms. Trading platforms are well-known as the place to trade. There are also forex broker systems which supply training and programs which educate clients on how to invest money and how forex trading is being completed.

The training that is provided by these broker systems help several trade investors to reduce risks whilst maximizing profits. Investors therefore are able to profit a lot from these broker systems due to the fact they may also be able to acquire forex advice, help, knowledge, currency analysis, stock, and the coming market. Some also supply trading ideas and daily picks from newsletters.

The final goal of ForexGen system is to make an investor succeed. And this can only be achieved with a system having accomplished professional teachers and advisors who are able to give directional market tuition and forex training.

Beginners of the trade should be made aware that forex trading is a high risk investment. The currency market offers a lot of opportunity to earn huge amounts of profits but at the same time coupled with a lot of risks. Currency trading can give you a fortune in minutes, days and hours. But the sad truth is that it can also be lost just at the same time.

Currency forecasting is not an easy task, which is why many traders should not forget to gain knowledge of the trade first before they decide on making a trade. An intensive forex trading course can help in the learning of all the in and outs of trading. The pros can supply you with the needed educational knowledge before entering the real world of forex.

You can find a complete forex trading course that is of reasonable cost either online or in a traditional class. Here in ForexGen, you can find easy free on line courses available for those who want to attend them.

Additional services are now provided by many broker systems to draw the attention of prospects and clients. Forex is considered as a sophisticated game, which is why you need a forex broker system.

Get scrolling updates and information for the individual currency trader. Professional traders repeatedly write newsletters that can be of good use by other forex traders, they will be able to supply information about technical and fundamental analysis. Set up alerts are sometimes provided to give traders certain ideas for them to make more money.

ForexGen systems are entrusted by many individuals to buy and/or sell on their behalf.

First, you would need to have an account before you can set up ForexGen system. You can find it online. You must know that there is no fees with ForexGen.

Online ForexGen broker systems provide different services, and it particularly is quick in buying or selling and automatic execution. The 'spread' is clearly identified, for it is the lowest pip spread in market 1 pip.

The margin terms are also of utmost consideration. Ask how margins are calculated and margin requirements.

The broker system should be trustworthy and its efficiency as to performance should not be questionable. The trading software used by the trader is quite indispensable, that is why you should first see all the available options for you. Take advantage of free demos, this will help you greatly in making an informed decision.

Check all the policies of ForexGen broker system. Read especially those in fine print; oftentimes it is the most important part that the investor fails to read.

Reading FOREX quotes with ForexGen

Each world currency is given a three letter code which is used in FOREX quotes. The most common currencies are USD (US dollars), EUR (European euros), GBP (United Kingdom pounds), AUD (Australian dollars), JPY (Japanese yen), CHF (Swiss francs) and CAD (Canadian dollars).

Prices of foreign exchange are indicated by FX quotes in pairs of currencies. The first currency is the 'base' and the second is the 'quote' currency. In this example:

USD/EUR = 0.8320

...the currency pair is US dollars and European euros. The base currency (USD) is always at '1' and the quote currency shows how much it costs to buy one unit of the base currency. In this example, 1 US dollar costs 0.8320 euros.


EUR/USD = 1.1993

...tells us that it costs 1.1993 US dollars to buy 1 euro.

When the price of the quote currency goes up it indicates that the base currency is becoming stronger – one unit of the base currency will buy more of the quote currency. If the quote currency falls, however, the base currency is becoming weaker.

Foreign Exchange quotes are seen in 'bid' and 'ask' prices. Bid is the price that buyers will pay for the base currency (while selling the quote currency), and ask is the price that sellers will sell the base currency (while buying the quote currency).







This chart tells us that we can buy one American dollar for 1.2379 Canadian dollars, or sell one American dollar for 1.2329 Canadian dollars. The most commonly traded currencies pairs are the 'Majors' – GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and USD/CAD.

We often see exchange rates listed in cross currency charts that list many different currencies and their values against each other. An example of such a chart is seen here:

US $

Ca $


UK £

US $





Ca $










UK £





In this chart, the currencies listed down the left side of the chart are the base currencies and the currencies at the top are the quote currencies. We can convert the chart above into currency pairs by following the row beside the base currency. Using US dollars as the base currency we get the following currency pairs:

USD/CAD = 1.24070
USD/EUR = 0.83953
USD/GBP = 0.56807

...which tells us that one US dollar is equal to the corresponding value of the quote currency. To find the opposite pair e.g. CAD/USD follow the Canadian dollar row to the US dollar column - CAD/USD = 0.80600 (one Canadian dollar is worth 0.80600 US dollars).

There is no standard for cross-currency charts – some have the base currency on the top and some have it on the side. How to tell which is which? You need to know at least one pair of currencies and which one of the pair is more valuable.

Currency prices are determined by a number of factors, the most important of which are economic and political conditions in the issuing country. Political stability, inflation, and interest rates are all factored into the price of any currency. In addition, governments can try to control the price of their currency by either flooding the market (to lower the price) or buying extensively (to raise the price).

Because of the immense volume of FOREX, however, it is impossible for one force to control the market for any length of time. Market forces will prevail in the long run, making FOREX one of the most open and fair investment opportunities available.